Quarterly Economic Reports

The City of Carlin Administration office has had a few calls regarding payments through doxo.com. Doxo.com is an online bill pay program charging users a fee that has NO association with the City of Carlin. The City of Carlin has never opted into their bill pay system. By using the Doxo system, users are authorizing Doxo to send a payment to the City of Carlin on their behalf, acting as a middle man between payer and biller.

If you have used doxo.com, please call us to ensure we received your payment on time. As far as we can tell, they mail the checks at a much later date, causing users to incur a $15 late fee and a lot of confusion regarding the current status of bills.

The only online bill pay program that the City of Carlin has opted into is through Secure Instant Payments which can be found by clicking on “Make a Payment” on the City of Carlin homepage (www.cityofcarlin.com). Secure Instant Payments is free to users and goes through your checking account. If you have any further questions, please call Carlin City Hall at 775-754-6354.