Transfer Station

What is a "Transfer Station"?

A transfer station is an affordable and environmentally friendly processing site for the temporary deposition of waste. The City of Carlin maintains a local transfer station as a convenience to the community, while the nearest landfill is located roughly 30 miles east in Elko Nevada.  

What is the difference between a "Transfer Station" and a "Landfill"?

A transfer station is a temporary location for waste disposal before being transferred/shipped to a landfill. All waste must be sorted by category at a transfer station (metal, limbs, plastics etc.).  While a landfill typically allows for all waste to be disposed of in the same area. Depending on the size and means available, a transfer station may not be equipped to accept certain items that a formal landfill site is able to.  

The City of Carlin Does NOT Accept:

  • "Kitchen" Trash - Food waste of any kind is not permitted
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Lead or Oil Based Paint
  • Contaminated Oil 
Transfer Station Fee's:
$5   Minimum Charge
$5   Pickup Truck Load or Small Trailer
$10 Tall (Heaping or Side Bars/Pickup or Trailer Load)
$10 Flat Bed Truck or Trailer up to 8ft
$15 Extra Long Flatbed or Trailer Over 8ft
$25 Residential Construction Pickup Size or Small Trailer
$35 Residential Construction Trailer or Flatbed up to 8ft
$45 Residential Construction Long Trailer or Flatbed Over 8ft
$35 Contractor or Commercial Business Pickup Load
$50 Contractor or Commercial Business Trailer or Flatbed up to 8ft
$15 Each Refrigerated Appliance 
$10 Each Non-Refrigerated Appliance 
$3   Each Automobile Tire
$10 Each Tractor/Semi Truck Tire

Free Battery Disposal
Free CLEAN Motor Oil Disposal

Hours of Operation
Open Monday - Friday (Excluding Holidays)

7:00am - 11:30am
(Closed for lunch)

1:00pm - 3:30pm

810 Oak Street

Carlin, Nevada 89822
Phone: 775-754-6515