Public Utilities

The City of Carlin Public Works Department operates the City's water and sewer systems. The operation is funded through the monthly utility fees paid by residents and businesses. Capital improvements to the systems are approved by the City Council and are funded partially through reserves held in the Utility Fund and through monies transferred from the City's General Fund. Operationally, the Utility Fund is required by statute to be self-sufficient, with operating funds provided by revenues from customers. The Utility Fund's budget and Financial Statements are available in the City's overall budgets and statements in the Financial Administration section of the website.

City of Carlin Preliminary Engineering Report
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Water PER
Water PER USDA Concurrence 
Sewer PER
Sewer PER USDA Concurrence

Applying for Services
If you would like to set up an account for utility services, please contact the City Administration Offices. 
151 S. 8th Street
Carlin, Nevada 89822
Phone: 775-754-6354
Fax: 775-754-6912
*Please note that all new utility accounts require a deposit of $200, which will be credited back to your account after a year of good standing payments*

City of Carlin Services and Fees

New Water Connections:
  •  Meter Pit (Not Installed)      $1,000
  • Connection Charge                 $1,500
  • Meter Pit- Installed                 $2,500
  • Additional - 1" Line                  $150.00
  • Capital Improvement             $2,110 per water unit (Resolution 2013-07)   
            **Anything larger than 1" line is costed out and property owner is advised prior to installation**

New Sewer Connections:
  • Connection Charge                 $1,000
  • Capital Improvement             $1,745 per sewer unit
  • Asphalt Repair                            $15 per foot
 **Property owners will be responsible for the cost of the pipe from the point of extension. If necessary to cut pavement, additional costs will be incurred.**