Service is our number one goal

  • Our staff has made a commitment to provide courteous, accurate, and timely service
  • Education the public in building construciton requirements
  • Continue to make improvements and gain knowledge which will assist the public
All rules and regulations shall be enforced consistantly for everyone.

Why we adopt & enforce building codes by a permit process
Codes are adopted to safeguard life, limb, health, property, and public welfare.  
By regulating the design, construction, materials, use and occupancy, egress, and location on the property, we can maintain a standard.
Remember - codes are a minimum standard.

The City of Carlin's Building Official is part of the Public Works Department and is responsible for plan review of all building and construction, determining permit valuation based on the project scope and issuing the permits.
The Building Official/Inspector conducts required inspections during the construction process and, upon successful completion of the project in accordance with all building code requirements, issues the Certificate of Occupancy.

Residents and businesses planning construction projects, including renovations and remodels, should make contact with the Building Official prior to commencing to determine what, if any, permits may be required.  Completing a project without a permit when one is required could result in double the fee.  A few items that do NOT require a permit are as follows:
-- One-story detached accessory buildings less than 200 square feet
-- Fences not over 6 feet (in back yards)
-- Retaining walls not over 4 feet
-- Water tanks supported directly upon grade if the capacity does not exceed 5,000 gallons
-- Sidewalks and driveways
-- Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work
-- Prefabricated swimming pools less than 24 inches deep
-- Swings and other playground equipment
-- Window awnings supported by an exterior wall that do not project more than 54 inches from the exterior wall and do not require additional support
-- Decks not exceeding 200 square feet in area, that are not more than 30 inches above grade at any point, are not attached to a dwelling and do not serve the exit door required by Section R311.4

As always in life, when in doubt, ask!  We are here to help.  

Building Department Online Portal
The City of Carlin uses MyGov for contractor interactions and the tracking of permits and inspections.  MyGov’s interface allows you to participate directly with the City of Carlin and is equipped with a Dashboard that automatically updates in real-time, allowing you to stay up-to-date on all projects.  

To apply for a Building Permit on MyGov, follow the link below to create an account, or log in to your existing account.

Click Here to Access Portal

MyGov Log In Instructions and Creation of Account

Anna Penola
Building Official

Phone: 775-754-6515
Fax: 775-754-6253

P.O. Box 340
810 Oak Street
Carlin, Nevada 89822

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