Borrowing Library Materials

Library Card Information

Library cards are provided free of charge to any person who wishes to borrow library materials. Applicants for library cards are required to show a valid Nevada driver’s license or I.D. A card can be used to check out material in any library in our system. This card must be presented whenever the borrower wishes to check out library material. Borrowers are responsible for the return of all materials checked out on their cards. The borrower must notify the library at once if the card is lost or stolen. There is a small charge for a replacement card.

Children under 18 but older than 6 may apply in person accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, who must sign the application and show a valid Nevada driver’s license or Nevada I.D.
Loans and Charges

Loan Periods

  • Books and audio cassettes                        2 weeks
  • Interlibrary Loan materials                        2 weeks
  • Videocassettes and CDs                             2 weeks
  • DVDs                                                                 1 week


Books may be renewed at the library or by telephone, provided there are no reserve orders waiting. Have your library card and books available when you phone. No renewals on videos or DVDs.

Limits on Borrowing

No more than 20 items are permitted to be checked out on a library card at any time.
No more than 3 total audio cassette programs and/or music CDs.
No more than 3 total videocassettes and/or DVDs.

Library Charges

  • Replacement library card                     $1.50 per card
  • Copy machine                                            $0.15 per copy
  • Computer print outs                               $0.15 per page
  • Lost, stolen or damaged items           Full Replacement cost + $5.00 Processing Fee

Loss of Borrowing Privileges

  • The Borrowing limit of 20 has been reached.
  • There are overdue materials charged to the borrower


  • As a courtesy reminder, the library sends an overdue notice listing all materials.
  • A billing for overdue materials is sent five weeks after the due date.