Business Licenses

All businesses operating or doing business within the City of Carlin are required to obtain a City Business License. This includes contractors working within the City. When applying for a City Business License you will be required to have a Nevada State Business License and any other permits and certificates required by the State or Elko County. Business License Application

The fees for business licenses are set by Resolution by the Carlin City Council. The fee for a standard business license is $66 per year. License fees for various professional services and contractors may vary.

Additional, separate license fees are required for beer, wine, and liquor sales, gaming operations and operation of brothels.

The fees as set by Resolution 2011 - 1 are as follows:

General Business Licenses:
 Any not otherwise designated below



Professional Services Businesses:
        (Attorney, doctor, physician, surgeon,
        veterinary surgeon, oculist or
-          General Construction (All Trades)
-          Plumbing
-          Electrical
-          Building Mechanical (HVAC)
-          Sheet Metal Installation or Fabrication
-          Engineering
-          Surveyors
-          Architects
-          Construction Equipment Operation
-          Trucking 
-          Manufacturing and Fabrication (Heavy or Light)
-          Real Estate Agency
-          Banking
-          Brokerage business

Business Licenses Other



Circus, caravan, carnival, menagerie, street amusement or other similar amusement or attraction of any kind, except as hereinafter provided


Hawkers and peddlers



Utility Companies, Membership Cooperatives (Electric, Natural Gas, Telephone, Internet Service Providers, Wireless Communications, Cable Providers, etc)



Billiard table keeper, pool table keeper, shuffleboard keeper or keeper of any game played with ball and cue or other mechanical device including electronic game machines:

First table or game
- Each additional table or game




Vending machines, for gain or profit, for the purpose of vending and disposing of merchandise only; for each and every machine so operated.



Barbershop and/or Beauty Parlor:
- First Chair
- Each additional Chair





For every table game of chance (ex. faro, monte, roulette, fan tan, twenty one or blackjack, 7 /2, big injun, klondike, craps or dice, stud poker, draw poker or similar game) per table



Slot / electronic gaming machines and similar mechanical devices played for money, property, checks, credit or any representative of value , per machine


Keno, Sports Book, Race Book per book 




Retail liquor license (Beer and Wine Only)


Retail liquor license (Beer, Wine and Liquor) first bar


Packaged sales:

-          Beer and Wine Only

-          Beer, Wine and/or Liquor



Wholesale liquor license:

-          Beer and Wine Only

-          Beer, Wine and/or Liquor



Fraternal, social and civic club license


Special events license:

-          Beer and Wine Only

-          All Liquors



Investigation and Application Fee


Applications for Business Licenses may be obtained from the City Clerk's office located at 151 South 8th Street, Carlin, Nevada. For more information contact the City Clerk's Office at (775) 754-6354.

Dog Licenses

City Ordinance requires dogs to be inoculated and licensed. Dogs may be licensed through the Carlin Police Department located at 152 South 8th Street, Carlin, Nevada. Call 775-754-2222 for more information.

You may also see Carlin City Code 6-2-10 for detailed information or click on the following document link.

Dog License Ordinance

Dog License Fees:
$5.00 - Neutered Animal
$10.00 - Non-Neutered

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are obtained from the Elko County Clerk's Office.  Please contact that office for complete information and fees.

Elko County Clerk's Office
550 Court Street, 3rd Floor Elko County Annex (Behind Courthouse)
Elko, Nevada 89801

(775) 753-4600

The Carlin Municipal Court Judge/Justice of the Peace performs weddings. Please contact the Court office to schedule and for fee information

Carlin Court
101 South 8th Street
Carlin, Nevada

(775) 754-6321