Annual Audits

The annual audit takes place between July 1 and November 30 for the prior fiscal year. Once completed, it is presented to the City Council for review and approval and then submitted to the State Department of Taxation.

The City Auditor is appointed by the City Council. The current City auditor is Eide Bailly LLC.

Audit Reports and financial satements are available at the link below. They may also be requested from the City Clerk, PO Box 787, 151 South 8th St., Carlin, Nevada 89822.
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  • Audit 2018-2019
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  • Audit 2017-2018
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  • Audit 2016-2017
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  • Audit 2015-2016
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  • Audit 2014-2015
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  • Audit 2012-2013
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  • Audit 2011-2012
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  • Audit 2010-2011
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  • Audit 2009-2010
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  • Audit 2008-2009
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